Monday, January 1, 2007

The Quilt Log - To Be Completed

Friendship Quilt

A few ago the A Stitch in Time Quilt Guild had a paper bag exchange. You put a few fabrics together in a plain paper bag and bring it to a meeting. All the bags are placed in a pile and each person participating selects a bag. You then make a project of your choosing with the fabrics not knowing who it is for. It was to be completed Christmas 2004 or 2005, can’t remember off-hand. I did show her the partially finished top at that point but really it is time to get this little project completed before I test my quilting friend’s patience too much further.

Hugs ’n’ Kisses

A few years ago I participated in a block exchange with an online quilting group I am part of, Machine Quilting Professionals, we exchanged black & white 9-patches with the black creating the x within the 9-patch, (corners and center). I paired it with a snowball block, adding a splash of pure primary colours in the center of a snowball block every now and again. This type of quilt, alternating 9-patch and snowball blocks is called Xs & Os or Hugs ‘n’ Kisses. Wish I had come up with some really cool name for the quilt but finally settled on a classic.

Jewels of Bali

This quilt is a result of a 2004 Block of the Month program at Along Came Quilting. I quilted the store sample of the quilt and few other of their customers came to get theirs quilted by me as well. But alas I never finished my own. I really like this quilt. That year they also participated in their other Block of the Month, Star Light, Star Bright.

9-Patch Exchange

Another quilt that was created from a 9-Patch exchange with Machine Quilting Professionals. I put together 4 9-patches to make a block and sashed the blocks with neutrals, then added 3 borders. I got rid of a lot of fabrics that I didn’t like to complete this quilt. It is no beauty that is for sure, it will be used as a camping/picnic/in the car type quilt. One that provides a cozy cushion but really I don’t give a hoot what happens to it.

Ellen’s Baby Quilt

Before I knew the sex of the baby I decided the theme for the baby’s room would be black & white with bright bugs thrown in. I thought I would throw in a few flowers here and there for a girl. This is the quilt I came up with for a girl.

Sweet Dreams Quilt

A quilt to hang above the crib.

I Love You This Much Quilt

Another quilt to hang above the crib.

Baby in the Bathtub Quilt

A quilt to hang above the bath tub.

Old Log Cabin

My mom loves old quilts, (it is in my genes to be a true obsessed quilter), and auctions and there is nothing better than rescuing a quilt or quilt top from an auction. And that is exactly how she acquired this little gem. When I got the longarm she gave this top to me to finish. It is a log cabin pattern. The log cabin block is so versatile it is amazing. So many configurations you can do and if you change the width of the logs you can get more oval or circular designs.

Odd Log Cabin

This Odd Log Cabin quilt is an example of the wide variety of quilts you can get from the log cabin block. This was to be my entry within Innovations Fabric Challenge in 2006. I didn’t get it done. What else is new? The challenge fabrics are the pinks, normally I like pink, the bright, in your face neon or fuchsia pink but this dull pink, not for me. I added the brown to tone down the pink a bit. I really like the effect, still not really me but what a lovely quilt to hang on the wall at a rustic cabin.

This is quite a difficult setting because other than the corner triangular pieces it is all Y seams. I was up for the challenge, and this is the result.

Laura’s Tropical Breeze

I made a similar quilt to this through the 2003 Block of the Month Program with Along Came Quilting. My sister saw it and LOVED it so I have been slowly making her one for the past few years. When she comes out in September to visit with her new niece she will finally be able to take it home.

Batik 9-Patch Exchange

This is the last of the 9-patch exchanges that I participated in with Machine Quilting Professionals. We exchanged batik 9-patches and this is the setting I came up with. The sashing is a black batik and the bright gold stars really set off the blocks.

Anniversary Quilt

The first year anniversary gift is cotton. So Bones decided to get me the only logical gift of cotton you could give an obsessed quilter, cotton. Off he went to Along Came Quilting where they helped him pick out some fabrics for me. He gave me pinky, corals that were very different from any of the colours that I have in my stash. On a side-note Linda let him know that when he purchased the fabric but his response was, ‘well then she has to step out of her comfort zone’. A man after my own heart indeed *sigh*. He did force me out of my comfort zone and I came across a pattern for this quilt and I immediately thought of these fabrics! The next Valentine’s Day he got me a card that had a fabric strip on it that kept to the theme of this quilt so I ripped it off the card and it is now on the backing. Thanks babe.

This quilt was made with the Stitch and Flip method. It is a loosey goosey way to piece. Instead of having precisely cut out pieces or strips, you cut varying strip widths and piece at random. It is all stitched onto a muslin piece, the muslin piece is trimmed to the desired size and put together. Each muslin piece has a colour way to it so when you put it all together you get a picture. Anniversary Roses.

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