Monday, January 29, 2007


Welcome to Bones & my little corner of the blogsphere. We are starting the blog to keep our friends and family who we live far, far away from, informed of our oh so exciting lives, mainly about my pregnancy.

You see I am finally knocked up. It has been quite a process, I will give you the abridged version, wasn't getting pregnant easily and when I did, I miscarried. Was told many different reasons for this, all of them were shit, wasted my emotions and time, finally got a hard fought for referral to see a fertility specialist. During the wait to see him, had my 3rd miscarriage. At the fertility clinic had many tests to rule out possible issues, previous assumptions from my GP were proven wrong, 2 more miscarriages and 5 medicated cycles later I am pregnant. Holy crap. Needless to say I am a pro at picking up the pieces after a loss, this is a bit strange.

There are some positives that have come out of this process, although Bones and I had a rough time there for a bit, it has brought us closer in the end, I am bit more patient than I was, still not a very patient person, I can now give myself needles, which would be a necessity should I ever decide to take up heroin, and I have no problem having many medical personnel looking up my hooha, all while my loving husband looks on in hopeful anticipation that it will bring us closer to a baby. It is all really humorous if you wish to see it that way.

Now we are excited, not just yahoo we are pregnant but REALLY EXCITED!!!! We have been monitored so closely that we have been able to see a smudge turn into a lima bean turn into an alien with arms and legs turn into a moving, waving bean that kinda looks human. I gladly turned away from 'normal' pants to maternity pants, they are so comfy, at 8 weeks even though I didn't have to. Bones walks around with an ultrasound photo eagerly showing anyone that will look at it. We have bought his and hers diaper bags that I am so excited about I had to call everyone to tell them about it, then bug Bones to call his family and tell them all about it. I am crazy with excitement.

But there are times I still feel like the rug will pulled from underneath me at any moment.

And we have 3 dogs. A tiny house with 3 dogs, 2 adults and soon a baby. So I am hoping that with a blog named, Adventures with Darch & Bones, we can live up to the hype.


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Anonymous said...

hi, just discovered your blog. What do you think helped you being lucky with your last pregnancy? Just had my second miscarriage today and the doctor just tells me to try again.. Would love to hear from you.