Friday, June 29, 2007

Some days everything is just great!

Everything seems to have settled down in the House of Darch & Bones, here is a quick bullet form update:

- Cody is better, his cortisol levels are normal, at the moment, so now he gets ‘poisoned’ twice a week to keep his levels under control. He is back to his normal annoying self, he is a terrier and it is just part of living with a terrier, love him dearly for all that personality but man there are times he can annoy me to no end.

- I can actually DO stuff without pain and not feeling like my heart is going to beat out of my chest! This is not only good for my sanity but that of Bones as well. I am not so snippy, (I wasn’t frustrating with him, frustrated that I needed so much help to do really basic things like get up off the couch, yes I got stuck twice and don’t want to discuss it any further but feel free to tease), anymore.

- I have somehow achieved the miracle of only having the quilting paraphernalia in 3 areas of the house, hoping to have it down to 2 by the end of the weekend but I am not sure if I have enough karma points to pull that off!

- We have the change table area all set up with diapers washed and ready to go, a garden & bug inspired mobile above the change table, all conveniently located beside the toilet.

- All of Ellen’s clothes, bedding and bathing stuff has been washed and put away in her dresser, I have finished 2 quilts for her, have another 2 on the go, and another 3 in the planning stages, she is going to be one warm & padded baby.

- And just to clarify, Bones is not taking figure-skating lessons, I was hoping if I tell outlandish lies about him he would update you all on how he is doing as opposed to me letting you know. In reality Bones DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO SKATE!!!! I still don’t know how any Canadian grows up not knowing how to skate, what is even more surprising is that he grew up in Ottawa. Ottawa, home of the longest outdoor skating rink in the world, where every year during Winterlude, (a winter festival on the Rideau Canal, for those who don’t know), there were school trips to go skating along the canal. Sometimes the truth is more outlandish than the lies.

- Bones is doing well, he is really excited. Won’t be running too much this year, injured his Achilles and it has taken a while to recover. His 2 hiking buddies are going through divorces so he figures if he has to listen to them discuss the divorces all the time he is not going to feel too guilty about all the baby talk.

- Bones & I will be missing our friends at the 13th Annual Canada Party, this year with the added bonus of moose meat. It was 7 years ago at that very Canada Party that Bones & I threw caution to the wind and decided to have a wee fling, (we have known each other since I was 16 and he was 20, we worked at the Elgin theatre and were friends with many of the people who worked there but we didn’t really notice each other until I was 27, he crashed my 27th birthday party with his girlfriend at the time. I thought he was truly amazing but I am no man stealing ho and he lived in Edmonton, but the following year, at the Canada Day Party, he was single….). He was living in Edmonton at the time and I was about to end a relationship with someone, so it wasn’t like we thought it would be anything more than a wee fling. We were smitten. A month later we met up in Calgary, had some job interviews, looked for apartments, a month after that we were living in Calgary. A year later married. Needless to say, that Canada Day Party holds a special spot in our hearts, that and we miss our friends too.

Today has been a really great day.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today is ma birthday!

So 35 years ago was the very best day of life, I was born, (it should be the best day for everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting me but apparently I am mistaken in this assumption). I have always celebrated the anniversary of this event with abandon, often lasting for days. Never really viewed it as getting older, more that none of the fabulous things that I have experienced would have happened without this day having occurred.

This year my celebration will be on the sober side, no swigging tequila straight from the bottle while sitting around a bonfire like at my 30th birthday, (have I ever mentioned what a classy chick I truly am!), my abandon might take the form of an extra piece of cake with all that sugar and caffeine and it might just last for today. No matter, there is something else happening that is more important than a week of drunken debauchery. I AM HAVING A BABY!!!! That is the very BEST gift in the world!

Speaking of having babies, there was a wee baby, only 4 days old at our prenatal class last night. He was born at 35 weeks and a few days, 6lbs 11 ounces. He was just precious and it was so difficult for the rest of us to pay attention to class. He was so good, slept mostly, every now and again let out some noises for a bit and went back to sleep.

Next week is the last class and I am really going to miss it, thinking we should have taken the extended classes. I am enjoying the company of the first time almost moms. There is another woman in the class who also struggled with achieving and maintaining her pregnancy so we have bonded a bit. I also find that it gives me a solid 2 hours a week where I focus solely on arrival of the wee pea, no thinking of what needs to be done, no thinking of work, chores, no distractions. Just Bones and I sharing this time, getting excited about our expanding family.


35 weeks down….5 to go

Wow, I am in complete awe and wonderment. My body has been fully taken over, and at the moment I love the sense of surrender to it.

Had a doctor’s appointment yesterday to check up on my blood pressure issues and it is down, still slightly elevated but it isn’t a cause for concern anymore. Plus my blood work came back good too. My iron count is a little low but higher than before. And I am not in pain anymore, in a fair bit of discomfort but not pain and I am alright with the discomfort.

I am so relieved. It isn’t that I was too worried about her survival, sure thoughts of a child with respiratory problems in a small house, in dusty Calgary with 3 shedding dogs gave me fears but that could happen if she is a preemie or not really. It is more that I want her to be as healthy as she can be and I want to have her naturally if I can.

So many people think I am nuts, it would seem like everyone in my prenatal class is all about the drugs, but I want to experience it all, fully. This may sound a bit airy fairy but it is not only about her birth but my transformation into mommyhood. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe you have to have a natural birth to transform or be fully complete as a mom or anything. It is how I am viewing my personal desired experience. In the end I am not going to beat myself up if I can’t go through it without the drugs or if for some reason an intervention is required. Oddly though, most of my friends, those who have gone through home births and hospital births have done so drug free. I am at least as tough as them right?


Friday, June 22, 2007

The honeymoon is over…

…I am not talking about in the marriage, that was over a while ago, we seemed to be firmly entrenched in the it is really too easy to take each other for granted so we try hard not to but it doesn’t always turn out that way phase.

I am talking about the pregnancy. These past couple of weeks I think I have been denying the inevitable, things are not going as smoothly as before.

This pregnancy hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park but it hasn’t been difficult either. I got 18 quilts finished, can you believe it –18. Crazy! I never got really sick, just a bit queasy here and there and had some food aversions. Somehow I managed to weed my garden, plant my pots and it all looks stunning or at least to me. I am a daisy, brown eyed susan and poppy fanatic so if you like those flowers, you too will love my garden. It is so casual and colourful, plus it blooms all season, but I digress…the only thing that has been really difficult has been the headaches or should I say migraines and they have been really bad. All and all though, I’ve had it pretty easy.

Well the tides have changed. I am in pain. A lot of pain. I am alright while sitting or lying down, going between sitting and lying down not so much. Anything in the upright position, really painful and walking has me counting in my head as a distraction from the pain. My walking seems to have caused no end of amusement for others though, at least there is a positive?!?! The pain is all normal, for this pregnancy anyway, she is making her way down and causing quite a commotion while doing so.

The worrisome aspect is my blood pressure. Yesterday it was 140/90, I felt like total crap all day, moody, nauseas, hot/cold sweats, this morning 136/92, not feeling as bad. Had some blood tests run, will find out the results tomorrow. Should I feel the way I did yesterday again I am to head straight to the hospital. If the blood pressure doesn’t come down I will be permanently off work, if it still doesn’t come down they will induce me early. I guess my body is not the hospitable home it once was for my wee pea. My next appointment is on Tuesday.

Now I long for the days where all I had to worry about was whether or not I was going to pee my pants… only happened once but man it was really freeing!


Monday, June 18, 2007

Gas & Oil Expo had a visit from the Yes Men

And boy do I feel all giddy inside!

The Yes Men, if you don’t already know, are globalization activists, they are against globalization just to clarify. To really boil down into an over-simplified version, their message would be that in the way globalization is being used by most corporations, it is just another form of slave labour, stealing natural resources using methodologies that would not be tolerated in their home country and the taking of these resources to an extent that drastically undermines or kills the environmental health of a region. Honestly I couldn’t agree more with them.

Needless to say these past few days watching the Yes Men on TV has made me a little star struck *sigh*

In Calgary they claimed they were members of the Natural Petroleum Council, advisors to the White House on oil & gas issues. The expectation is that they would announce findings on a joint US-Canadian energy policy. Instead they got to hear about how due to impending global disasters that would adversely affect the oil supply, we could supplement it buy transforming all those who died into oil. They even lit candles claiming to be “Vivoleum”, people, or specifically a poor Exxon janitor who died from cleaning a toxic spill. It wasn’t until a video was shown of the janitor talking about how he wanted to be made into candles when he died, that the guys were taken off stage.

In the end they were each fined about $300.00.

If you haven’t checked out their documentary I would recommend it. In fact if you are interested in anti-globalization/corporation documentaries the following are some real eye-openers:

The Corporation – high production value and really easy to watch, listened to a follow-up interview on the CBC of the guy who owns the carpet company, he was looking to use more sustainable technology to manufacture his carpets and he is on target and has found that the although the initial investment was high he was able to recoup costs in a shorter timeframe than expected.

The Yes Men – medium production value, still really easy to watch. Here they are ‘representing’ the WTO, watch their shenanigans that are both disturbing and roll on your ass funny but you just can’t believe that people are taking in what they are saying, especially at the textile event.

Darwin’s Nightmare – low production value, can be difficult to watch but it is utterly interesting. Be prepared to be thoroughly disturbed, it really touches in a very personal way, the loss of humanity that can so be easily tossed aside when making corporate decisions. This is a very honest portrayal of the influence of Western Society’s need for fish and devastation it causes a region in Africa. I do warn you though it is very disturbing, had me crying for quite awhile.

Who Killed the Electric Car – Good production value, easy to watch. Just leaves your shaking your head.

Almost anything by Noam Chomsky, this is one brilliant man who can easily explain complex situations in simple terms. I must confess I have a HUGE brain crush on this guy, have since I watched Manufacturing Consent, (not to be mistaken with Manufacturing Dissent, a documentary showcasing the manipulative tactics used by Michael Moore).

I know there are others but they just aren’t coming to my mind at the moment. We watch a lot of documentaries about a variety of subjects. One way to exercise our minds as we chug along with the day-to-day, and believe me we do, Bones and I don’t always see eye-to-eye on topics and you always have to take into consideration the source. I would not expect unbiased commentary by Ann Coulter or Michael Moore but they sure interesting to watch!


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bed Rest Clarification

Sometimes when I know what is going on I have a tendency to talk about stuff like everyone should know. Can’t people read my mind yet???

The bed rest was precautionary, the contractions ended without medication so the bed rest was just to make sure that I didn’t require further intervention. So today I am back to work at work. I definitely have to take things easier though.

After 1 day of bed rest I can truly say it was enough, yes I am a wimp but man it was a struggle, fell asleep so many times, even though I was trying to get some work done. Plus I was watching TV. We don’t have cable so there isn’t that much selection. Basically there were talk shows and soaps.

The Bold and the Beautiful has a great storyline that includes infertility treatments, In-vitro Fertilization with donor eggs to be exact. It would seem that one set of eggs set for research were accidently fertilized, instead of the donor eggs, and implanted in the mother to be. The mother to be is figuring this all out because there is so much nausea this pregnancy where there wasn’t any in previous ones????? Huh??? Now excuse me if I have it wrong, I don’t watch the show, it was on as background but had to pay attention because IVF & donor eggs were being discussed. Just wish it would be done so with accuracy. But I guess any show that is not portraying us infertiles as baby-stealing crazy women is a good thing?!?!

Must admit, I did go out in the garden for a bit, I am not well suited for bed rest. I feel for anybody who has to suffer through it, like my cousin Julie. Wish I could travel to Ottawa and keep you entertained. I do a mean disco dance these days will ma belly bouncing all around!


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

This 'n' That

Here is a quick rundown on the happenings within the house of Darch & Bones:

- Cody is not does not have blood in his urine anymore! Start his meds for Cushing’s this upcoming Saturday.

- I had contractions yesterday, fine today, on bed rest and working from home. Thankfully the little one has been extremely active, the reassurance has helped to keep me calm.

- Saturday I got most of my gardening done, have to take some photos but for now I am stuck in bed.

- Putting our house hunting in Nanaimo on hold until the fall, too much on our plate right now.

- Can’t get enough Oreo ice cream or asparagus & cheese ravioli. Good thing there are prenatal vitamins!

- Bones is absolutely loving his figure skating classes, not only can he now skate backwards and use the pick to stop, he can do some lovely turns. He is hoping that Blades of Glory will bring legitimacy to male figure skating.

I have to get out of bed to have lunch now, asparagus ravioli sounds about right!