Thursday, February 28, 2008

No news is simply no news

Haven't updated because there is nothing to say. No blood-letting and no pregnancy. It is a mystery, looks like my body is REALLY trying to tell me it is done. The thing is, I am stubborn.

So I am getting needles stuck in various parts of my body to bring on the blood-letting, after that I will have to see what the next step is.

It is all a little frustrating.


Monday, February 4, 2008

A spot of pink changes everything!

This afternoon when I wiped there was a little pink spot, could it be implantation spotting???? Hope not because I had a few beers watching the Super Bowl yesterday, that was how sure I was that there is no way that I could be pregnant. But now with this little spot of pink, a bit of wonder has set in *sigh* and the roller-coaster begins.

Ellen is lying next to me sleeping, she is cute as a button, just thought you would like to know.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Back to the acupuncturist...and the infertility diet.

Didn’t realize how much I missed going to acupuncture until I went back. After getting needles stuck in various places on my body, I fell asleep, not a half sleep, a deep full sleep. It was heavenly. I always feel so relaxed after a session I am often a bit out of sorts. And the best part was I got to show off Ellen again, I absolutely love that part!

It also means I am back on the herbs, not THE herb but the awful tasting herbal teas to help me with my infertility issues. Basically I have blood deficiency and blood stasis, in western medicine terms I am anaemic and clotty, (the blood doesn’t flow well).

And I am back to the infertility diet:
No dairy - not an issue, I use rice milk mostly, except for cheese, I love cheese but I can have goat cheese.
No Wheat – I eat spelt cereal as it is, I miss bread but it isn’t too bad and there are spelt replacements and I tend to eat rice pastas anyway.
No Sugar – Easy Peasy
No Booze – I will miss my wine
No caffeine – this is hard, some days that is the only energy I have!
Eat organic – I already do this, as much as I can

Isn’t this the most fascinating stuff?