Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I’m an idiot & a shameless plug

This morning I wanted to get into work early to get a lot of stuff done as I will be off gallivanting around town with my mom for the next 6 days. She arrives this evening, so excited! Anyway, I successfully got up early, started a load of laundry, did some tidying up, checked my email and what do you know I am still on track to get to work early. Awesome!

That is until I go to grab my keys, not at the front door, back door, in my jacket, check the wash as my pants I wore yesterday are in there, so now I start tearing apart the house in a mad frenzy. Half an hour later, I call my neighbour to see if I left my keys at her place when I went over for tea last night. Nope, but she, Tnik, would drive me to work.

While in the car she asks, ‘did you check your door?’ ‘Crap, no I didn’t can you check when you get home for me?’, was my answer.

She calls me at work, ‘What do your keys look like?’, here I am thinking she found them at her place, ‘they are on a hook by the door on your front porch’, (my front porch is enclosed, that is it to the right). My only thought, man am I a loser. One of my co-workers, between sending me emails only containing ‘HA HA HA’ repeatedly, emailed, ‘you are a loser she found your keys without even having to go into your house.’

I am the worst when it comes to forgetting where my keys are, to be honest, not just keys, wallet, glasses, (that is always fun, a person with really bad eyesight trying to find their glasses), etc. But today was far worse than usual. It was 45 minutes of me tearing apart my house, including the front porch, but never noticed them there hanging on a hook.

I didn’t make it in early today but thanks to Tnik, I did make it in.

Now for the shameless plug. Tnik sells premium loose tea, click on Tnik, and you come to the Tnik website. The teas are amazing. My favourites are the rooiboses, they are naturally decaffeinated and you can get almost any flavour. What is amazing about these teas too is that they are great iced. So a nice organic peach rooibos iced tea while gardening just hits the spot.

Tnik also carries a wide variety of Green teas, black & white teas. Many of the teas you can get organic or not. Really I have to dedicate a whole post on how amazing these teas are, in order to do them justice. In the meantime, check out the website.


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Anonymous said...

Loosing keys must be a darch thing because I can never, ever remeber where my keys, my purse or whatever the moment thing I need is!!! Mom bought me a rope for my keys.. you can get them at the buck store . make sure it is bright and tacky and now I never loose me keys... the other things well thats another story but I always have my keys ... just a tip that might help you! Cuz I know I hate the running around the house thing .
Lots of Love Julie