Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bed Rest Clarification

Sometimes when I know what is going on I have a tendency to talk about stuff like everyone should know. Can’t people read my mind yet???

The bed rest was precautionary, the contractions ended without medication so the bed rest was just to make sure that I didn’t require further intervention. So today I am back to work at work. I definitely have to take things easier though.

After 1 day of bed rest I can truly say it was enough, yes I am a wimp but man it was a struggle, fell asleep so many times, even though I was trying to get some work done. Plus I was watching TV. We don’t have cable so there isn’t that much selection. Basically there were talk shows and soaps.

The Bold and the Beautiful has a great storyline that includes infertility treatments, In-vitro Fertilization with donor eggs to be exact. It would seem that one set of eggs set for research were accidently fertilized, instead of the donor eggs, and implanted in the mother to be. The mother to be is figuring this all out because there is so much nausea this pregnancy where there wasn’t any in previous ones????? Huh??? Now excuse me if I have it wrong, I don’t watch the show, it was on as background but had to pay attention because IVF & donor eggs were being discussed. Just wish it would be done so with accuracy. But I guess any show that is not portraying us infertiles as baby-stealing crazy women is a good thing?!?!

Must admit, I did go out in the garden for a bit, I am not well suited for bed rest. I feel for anybody who has to suffer through it, like my cousin Julie. Wish I could travel to Ottawa and keep you entertained. I do a mean disco dance these days will ma belly bouncing all around!



BB said...

Those shows always make me laugh because there is always some inaccuracy. Bed Rest would drive me batty, too!!!! Kind of like being drugged, I think!

I actually am the one the commented earlier on the cushing's post... wasn't searching for cushing's but looking at your old blog b/f you got pg (and then found this one and saw the dog post...). I don't post anything about ttc on my blog that has my face on it. I've been TTC for a yr. now. Got pg once w/twins naturally and m/c in Feb and trying again... what a struggle.

Glad to see a story with positive results in TTC! I can't seem to climb out of the abyss at times, but always searching for other ladies who have been there and done that... and made it past TTC consuming everything... Take care!!!!!!

Aurelia said...

B&B is grrrrr, I wish they would get that doing something accurately is dramatic enough!

Glad to hear you are okay, take it are cooking a baby in there!

Michelle said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Just read through your last few posts - glad to hear that the contractions have stopped so you're not stuck watching bad daytime TV all day!

Flygirl said...

Well isn't nausea the give away for such things??? :) It's so silly that you have to laugh.