Friday, May 11, 2007

2 down 1 to go

So now I am well into the third trimester, unbelievable. What is great about this moment in the pregnancy is that there is no way I can forget that in around 12 weeks I am having a baby!

I am full on into nesting mode, the only energy I seem to have is to organize and get these quilts completed, (still working on the quilt log). Sometimes it seems like there is still so much time left, other times it feels like July 31st is right around the corner.

There have been other changes, can’t stand at the Big Ass Machine as long as I could before, my feet often hurt but my brother & sister in-law came to my rescue with a massaging foot bath for Christmas, thanks guys, LOVE IT! No back, hip or joint pain – yet. Have crazy anxious dreams, my dogs jumping off our balcony, being in a prisoner of war camp where I risk life and limb to let Bones know I want to name our son Maynard, (that is my grandfather’s name and I have no desire to name our son that in real life), and then there are the dreams of giving birth to a stillborn child. My headaches are now continual, they vary from mild to really frickin’ painful, but the idea of narcotics doesn’t appeal to me, plus they can make the dreams worse.

My prenatal appointments have gone from every 4 weeks to every 2.

And finally my baby girl, she has some strange habits. Every morning she does her callisthenics to get the day started. It lasts for about an hour, she is in constant motion, and although it isn’t painful, it leaves me rather tender for about 20-30 minutes when she is done and a bit nauseous as well. After that she is relatively calm for the rest of the day, moves occasionally, usually after I eat there are some spurts of activity. Between dinner and bed she is also quite active, just not with the same intensity of her morning callisthenics.

So far pregnancy has been full of ups and downs, mostly ups. There are definite annoyances but feeling her move, even when she is beating me up from the inside out, and listening to her heart beat, which was 155 this morning, brings a smile to my face and dissolves any negative thought.



Adrienne said...

Congrats on moving into the homestretch! Reading about it makes me oh so nostalgic for my experience five years ago. Write it all down if you can, so you can look back and relive it again.

Aurelia said...

Congratulations, and have a wonderful Mother's Day! :)