Wednesday, February 28, 2007

About last night.....

Coaching Special Olympics was amazing last night. Must admit I don’t have that much experience with the Developmentally Delayed crowd, most of my experience has been through Bones, (he works with Developmentally Delayed adults), so it took a bit of adjusting. Basically I have to be more vocal about my personal space and remind a few of the ladies to pull their suits up, other than that it was pretty easy and quite enjoyable.

For the next 4 weeks, (this season ends in 4 weeks, starts again in September), I will be working in the shallow end with those that are uncomfortable in the deep end. Last night we were working on pushing off from the side of the pool, gliding and blowing bubbles while you have your head in the water, pretty basic stuff. One of the ladies just wanted to relax, but every now and again she would show off by swimming across the pool.

The coaches and participants were very friendly. During free swim some of the participants were quite goofy which had me laughing pretty hard, and that only encouraged them more and on it goes. Looking forward to the next 4 weeks.

On a side note, the detailed scan is in exactly 1 week, care to make any wagers as to the sex? So far I have no leanings, Bones is convinced it is a girl. And you?



Reesh said...

Well I wish for all momma's to have a girl, cause every momma's gotta have one. So I'll vote for girl just for the heck of it!

Anonymous said...

Well Carol .. if we look at all the cousins on the Darch side.. It will be a girl .... but if it has been retty morning sickness free i would go with a boy .. why I dont know.. just a feeling ...And that pretty awesome of you to help being a Coach .. its all about being Patient an i know you are .. so i am sure you will be awesome in this .. talk to you soon Jules