Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Oh what a picture

Wow, I got my first comment, how exciting. I eagerly called up bones to read it to him. He thinks I am a dork. Thank-you Kathryn.

To the left you can see some of absolutely-could-not-resist purchases. I love sock monkeys. There is some beautiful quilting fabric with sock monkey images on them but I have resisted. A bit too subdued for my taste. Although bones has asked, ‘what if Wee Pea doesn’t like bright colours?’ ‘Tough’, was my simple response. Man this parenting thing is a blast!

Although I am sure one of my crafty friends or family members would have gladly made me a sock monkey, this one was made by a person who has a physical or psychological disability. Craftworks is the organization and let me tell you the handiwork was beautiful. I also got a bib that was a duck, the beak had a squeaky toy within it, and a burp pad with colourful bug fabric on one side and terry cloth on the other. Never too young to instill some social responsibility. I am going to be a really fun mom huh!

To the right are some more absolutely-could-not-resist purchases. Bones was concerned about the camouflage pants if we have a girl. Then our little girl will be wearing camo pants. If she is traumatized by it then haven’t we only done our duty as parents? So he has requested that I don’t get angry with him if he can’t find the baby in backyard while wearing those pants. Deal – although I have a sneaking feeling it won't be an issue.

Not sure when Bones will feel the urge to update you on his feelings......sorry I fell of my chair laughing so hard.....share his I crack me up......not too sure when he will post anything, so I will give you a quick update. He is doing really well, has been looking after me and the dogs so well, without complaint, or at least not to my face which is greatly appreciated. I owe him big time. He is really excited about the baby. There is a reason he is known as Jungle Bones, (Jungle Bones instead of Jungle Gym), by our friends children.


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Reesh said...

My lily was given that very same monkey onesie when she was born. Seeing it here in your post reminds me of how much she really has grown. It was the cutest onesie we owned and then all of a sudden it was too small...