Sunday, February 18, 2007

Diapering decisions

We’ve decided to use cloth diapers. After tons of research we are most likely to go with the standard old pre-folds. They are the least expensive and both of us were raised with them and not only are we fully potty trained, our butts are quite superb. So we figured it should work well for our Wee Pea.

Yesterday we went to look at nursery furniture and check-out strollers. You know, diligently doing our research with the added benefit of getting us really excited about our family addition. We came across a display of cloth diapers. Bones started practicing how to fold them, different ways for a boy vs a girl. Who knew, something I missed in my tons of research.

There was a couple next to us and this was the conversation overheard:

NewMom: Oh look at the cloth diapers……

NewDad: Why would anyone use cloth diapers?

NewMom: ummmm they are good for the environment…

NewDad: *grunt*

Bones was focused on his folding practice and I was proud.

When we go on these excursions I am always struck with how involved Bones is. He has researched and declared what type of baby carrier he wants. He examines the baby gear, asks questions about it and talks to friends and family about what has worked for them. Most of the dads we know are very involved and are similar to Bones, it has been easy to sometimes overlook that this is not the case for all new moms. Can’t tell you how grateful I am that he is.


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