Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Honey, can you dress me?

It seems the latest little bit of ‘pregnancy brain’ that I am dealing with is putting my clothes on backwards. Well not the pants, not that bad….yet. Just the shirts, the pullover style to be specific. So far I can still figure out the button up variety.

The first time I noticed this odd behaviour was on Friday, at the Doctor’s office. After the nurse took my blood pressure and left, I was checking out my wee bump when I realized, ‘this shirt looks odd’. So I pull up the collar to make a little check and sure enough, it was on backwards. I quickly straightened it out, lest the doctor notice and think I am batty. Surely it would only be a one-time faux pas.

Nope, since then it has happened everyday, today it happened twice, my shirt, then my sweater. I kid you not.


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