Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Could it be????

This past Saturday I was driving home from a Quilt ‘til You Wilt, (it is literally as it sounds, you quilt until you can’t quilt no more, this is a rip roaring good time for those who don’t feel complete until they stitch two pieces of fabric together that day, which I am one, ahhh the adventures…..), and I got this strange poking feeling in my lower abdomen. Gas? Nope not gas…..Cramps?!?! Nope not that either……could it be, COULD IT FREAKING BE MY WEE PEA!!!!

Well that is what I think, although it is a bit early for a curvy woman such as myself but what else could it have been? It was about 6-7 inches below my belly button slightly to the left. Sometimes it is rhythmic, sometimes it isn’t, sometimes it is even just one poke. It doesn’t hurt, more odd, like being poked from the inside, almost butterflies but the poking feeling was a bit too distinctive. So ladies who have been here before me, could this be my Wee Pea, or I am smoking crack?


1 comment:

Kathryn - partner of Donna said...

Yep!!! Sounds like your Wee Pea to me! :)